Digital Signage for Corporate Communications
In Over 40 Countries

Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

From large global corporations to smaller multi-department businesses, digital signage is proving to be an effective communication tool in the workplace, essentially connecting management with their employees and visitors.


Within any corporation there are many uses for digital signage displays including staff motivation, new hire announcements, corporate policy updates, visitor welcoming and emergency alerts.

Our Audience™ digital signage solutions are designed to be highly flexible, allowing corporations to deploy a variety of screen types serving a variety of purposes, throughout their environment. From large lobby boards to small meeting room displays, each with potentially individual content, but all controlled from one centralized source.

Our highly scalable solutions also offer corporations the opportunity to easily expand the size and scope of their digital signage as the company continues to grow. Always providing the ability to display a combination of location or department specific information as well as company wide messaging to be seen at all locations.

Corporate branding

Product & service awareness

Employee recognition

Event announcements

Visitor welcome

Social media integration

News updates via live data

Emergency preparedness and alerts

Meeting room schedules


Meeting Room Displays

Meeting room displays are quickly becoming an essential tool when it comes to maintaining law and order in the workplace.

Audience™ Calendar, our meeting room display solution, provides instant confirmation of room status in public areas and is easily updated via Microsoft or Google calendars, meaning there’s little training and no proprietary programming required.