Digital Signage for Campus Communication
Improve Communications

Digital Signage for Campus Communication

Many schools have already embraced digital signage as a way to communicate information across the campus community. Primarily, it's used to display day to day information in a modern, attention grabbing way. More importantly, it offers schools the ability to easily place critical and time-sensitive information before students, faculty and other members of the school community.


Our Audience™ digital signage solutions enable colleges, universities and high schools to improve communications across single and multi-site campuses, as well as within individual faculties or departments.

Our solutions ensure that individual departments can control the content on their screens and deliver location specific information, but also have the ability to display universal campus-wide content applicable to everyone.

Emergency Notification

Faculty and Student News

Wayfinding and Schedules

Campus and Job Classifieds

Donor Recognition

Alumnae Communication

Upcoming Events


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Campus Safety and Security

One of the most important ways that digital signage is being used in schools, is as part of the campus emergency notification system. Screens in public places and residences offer an effective way to alert students and staff, over a wide geographic area, of a potentially dangerous situation.

Because emergency messaging must have the ability to override departmental content during an emergency situation, centralization is the key to having an effective campus notification system. Our Audience™ solutions are designed specifically with this scenario in mind, allowing departmental digital signage to be taken over by one central source in a time of need, with full departmental content and control being restored once the situation becomes all clear.